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Fulfillment service for fashion clothes and accessories businesses

Fulfillment store pack ship fashion clothes accessories

Delicacy products that require careful attention for storage is one of our provided services. We see and understand all the problems and special needs about fulfillment service of fashion clothes and accessories businesses such as clothing, sporting apparel, shoes, and bags. We provide you one-stop service; inbound, storage, packing, shipping and also managing online stores for your customer impression. All we do is to make your business generate sustainable income so we consider all these problems that can happen.



Disorderly stock

The stock is unsystematic due to the variety of colors and sizes.
QA product

Receive products that are not 100% quality such as loose thread or stain because there is no time to check the product quality from the factory in detail.
Building Brand

Building your brand and adding value by repackage and label to a product.
Require QC

Require QC to sort products according to color, or size due to receiving a large number of combined products from foreign countries or factories.


MyCloudFulfillment has a variety of flexible services for fashion clothes and accessory products that respond to every process of fulfillment. We take very good care of your products from receiving products from the factory to delivering the products to the end customer.


We check every box of products in the inbound process to help you count stock by 100%
Not only receive the product to our warehouse, we also count, and check the quality of products from the factory in every box. checking the fashion clothes and accessories that may be damaged such as stain and seperate a bulk of cloth that need to be checked if there are any counterfeit products with no charge.
Sort out the products from a Bulk (Wholesale Pricing products)
If you order the products from foreign countries or factories and want to sort it out by size, color, or model, we provide the service that saves your time from managing those products yourselves, with only 5 baht of the service charge.
Store in closed warehouse storage; no dust and proper temperature
The proper warehouse is ready to store your products. There are 24-hour security guards with surveillance cameras on every shelf. Besides, we have insurance in case the stored products are lost or damaged.


Special quality checking for fashion clothes and accessories products.
We realize that clothing items need to be neat and rely on a lot of resolution. We have a special product inspection service for thread and seam marks. We can cut or burn excess thread that has no damage to the product . Moreover, we provide other services such as wiping, cleaning stains, glue stains or any requirement with service fees starting at 5 baht.อ
Checking the product and fixing it before storage.
Allows you to calculate an exact number of the available inventory with a detailed product quality inspection service and fixing any defects such as zip ,if it can be swiped or not, or the stain and torn that can be repaired along with sending the photos to you for quality evaluation.
Providing repackaging and cleaning services.
If the business owner want us to repackage with the brand's own packaging, we can do and we also check the product if it meets the information on the box or not. Furthermore, we can clean the products that follow your requirement.
Real-time monitoring of the stock that helps you check the amount of accurate stock.
it allows you to calculate the number of products in a warehouse and check the accurate data from our system 24/7. Moreover, you can know the trends of the most ordered products, or the least ordered products to further promote sales.


Customized packing by yourself is available
We provide one-stop packing service, whether adding cards or give a free cloth bag in each order for your customer impression. If you have any ideas you want to try but you have no chance, we can try and seek the most suitable style for your product.
Special checking product’s quality before packing (QC)
We check the quality of all products in every order before packing to ensure that customers will receive the best condition product.
Repacking and adding a new label
We can sort out the products that come together to different SKUs. We will unpack the formerly products, fold and put in the store's packaging and add the label on all new packaging. For example, the product comes in 3 pieces but if you want to sell separately into a single SKU, we can make it for you.


Organize the event and booth
We can transport products to various places, If you want to organize the event or booth we can do it as you require.
A variety of shipping services are provided
To suit your products and the most saving cost with our flexible services including COD application. You will be charged the actual cost, no extra charge.
Product refill service in the mall or various consignment stores
Help you count the stock in the store including printing a tax invoice, allowing the store staff to sign and bringing the documents back to you every week. Aside from that, the product refill service is also available on request with a photograph of the filled shelf to be sent in a daily.
Deliver the product to distribution center
We manage the delivery process to the distribution center on time, according to the conditions of the store and DC, weigh and add the bill on the box , print the tax invoice for stamping and after the process finished, we will inform and always return the copy to you. As mentioned, we provide delivery cars to your drop points completely.
International shipping services
Looking for the best and save cost choice for international shipping through our trusted transportation network, you can contact our staff to look after you in each case, with a 10% service charge.


Fulfillment store pack ship

  • cut or burn an excess thread to make the product be more neat.
  • Sort products service according to color, or size due to receiving a large number of combined products from foreign countries or factories for saving your time.
  • Check all small components such as zipper, thread at zipper, buttons, or hem to be ready for sale
  • Check stock in real time both of an individual SKU sale and a pack sale.
  • Special packing service that you can design by yourself
  • Add free items or gifts in each order


Fulfillment store pack ship

  • Check size, color, version, stain, rip and thread of bags
  • Repackage the bags from boxes to brands’ cloth bags
  • Keep bags to not overlap to prevent deformation
  • Check the logo, prints, and molded cardboard for leather bag
  • Product quality inspection service, wipe the stain or cut the thread
  • 24-hours temperature controlled room service (24c) for leather bags or made from products that require temperature control


Fulfillment store pack ship

  • Check size, color and version of shoes to be ready for sale
  • Repackage box of shoes if it has flaws from harbor
  • Inspect defects on shoes such as shoelace, sole of shoe, stain and rip
  • Cleaning service for stains on shoes or as appropriate


Fulfillment store pack ship fashion clothes accessories



Not only receive the product to our warehouse, we also count, and check the quality of products from the factory in every box. checking the fashion clothes and accessories that may be damaged such as stain and seperate a bulk of cloth that need to be checked if there are any counterfeit products with no charge.

Chanikan Karnkorkul (Nida)
Co - Founder Mustard Sneakers

I think people have very little resource which is "Time" and I believe that the staff in MyClould were professional at packing than us. So I can save the time to do this process for creating more value of my brand

Varin Techawichian (Boss)
CEO and founder, ZACE Thailand

MyCloud is like a God who comes to save my life, they help inspecting product QC, doing all documents. Moreove, I can check the sales from the stock that we actually exported automatically also export all the data out easily. MyCloud is one-stop service

Pimpisa Chirathivat (Pears)

Anything that we not good at, give it to professional to do is better. After giving MyCloud to help, we can see the correct stock numbers, reduce deadstock and incorrect data.

Wanida Praparat (Yim)
CEO, Hamburger Studio


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