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Application Programming Interface (API) : Break through all limitations and connect the world for you 

API or Application Programming Interface is the tool for each platform to connect together which Mycloud provides API to connect to other platforms for the convenient of customers as an instance Market place like Shopee, Lazada, or other ERP systems. To elaborate, API allows MyCloud system to receive orders from different channels simultaneously and real-time update those orders back to customer system to check their inventory level. Key differentiation from other brands is marketplace which we have webhook to update status every 3 minutes.

For shops that use Content Management System (CMS), the system that help to create and manage website, they can connect API to MyCloud to better manage their inventory and logistics plus connecting with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to manage and use company’s resource efficiently. It will give rise to cost reduction and increase profit via only ERP system as center point of management system.

API Market Place :Gathering every order in one place, whether Lazada, Shopee, JD.com and etc. Updating stock to match every Market Place in Real-Time, Connecting to seller center and automatically press "Ready to ship", you will never miss important orders and leading to increase sales opportunities as well.

API Logistics/Last miles : Postal, SCG Express, Alpha

API CMS : Woo Commerce, Magento,Shopify

API ERP connected to the ERP system of your company so that the flow of your company is not interrupted and save more time

API Website Manage orders from your website. To deliver products to the end customers without interruption