FULFILLMENT บริการคลังสินค้าออนไลน์ "เก็บ แพ็ค ส่ง"



Shipping Service

Our clients can choose to send their product via various channels. The steps will start with sending your order after placing your product, updating the tracking number and updating sending status via email or message to end customers. Moreover, In case you need to fill the storefront in many places simultaneously, you can order us one week in advance which we will arrange the route for you to save your cost as much as possible.

If you have no idea about any channels, Mycloudfulfillment can help you to start easily without any intricate method or if you have a preferred channel, we will help you to start with your preferred channel. Furthermore, Mycloudfulfillment system will correct the data from the first to the last order to give a big data to our customer leading to better management of their business plan.

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