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MyCloudFulfillment ALL-YOU-CAN-DO Order Fulfillment

No.1 E-Commerce Fulfillment in Thailand; providing customization, flexibility and connectivity

Professional Order Fulfillment Warehouse for ecommerce and omni-channel businesses. We provide customized add-on services, Flexible plan and Full connectivity with marketplaces and channels through APIs. Start using our service is easy! 1) Send your inventory over to our warehouse 2) when you have orders, just send them through our system or through APIs 3) We will handle the rest!

Store the products
in our warehouse
Put the orders in our system
or connect API
We pick and pack
the products as you want.
We ship the products
according to your request.


All-you-can-do Order Fulfillment Warehouse

MyCloudFulfillment is the All-You-Can-Do order fulfillment warehouses in SEA for eCommerce and omnichannel businesses. We help fulfill your orders from various sales channels, such as: Lazada, shopee, consignment stores etc. Our warehouse will help you store, pack and ship your products specifically as you needed. We can also handle special packages, bundles, value added service and other customization. Our system effectively flow your online orders and update your stocks to marketplaces through our APIs. Moreoever, it helps cultivate and calculate the big data of sales orders, helping you run stock optimization, predictive analytics, dead stock management and supply chain planning effectively.  Our warehouse network across south east can help you with cross border fulfillment.


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Customizable Fulfillment Solutions





  • Start with our service by keeping your products in our closed warehouse within office without any dust and clear atmosphere.
  • We provide 24 hours security officer with CCTV on all shelves. You can rely that your products will be kept.
  • We also provide the insurance in case of loss or damage.
  • We keep on the shelves with SKUs (Stock Keeping Unit) which identifies by model, color or size in detail along with the control of all arrival and issue of products by WMS (Warehouse Management System) that would facilitate you to plan product quantity and not occur buffer stock or lead time management.
  • Our system is designed to let you use on mobile phone and website to check your stock whenever and wherever you need.
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  • When you keep your products at our warehouse, you can order them easily via online system
  • You can trust that prior to launch your products we have the process to verify in detail and your customer never receive the damaged or incomplete item from us. We always check the quantity and quality carefully as
  • We always check the quantity and quality carefully as per your requirement before packing and verify the address of receiver to protect any mistake.
  • Furthermore, you also can check preparing and delivery status of each order through the system anywhere and anytime.
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No extra charge

  • You can select the channel to deliver. Once order completed, we will deliver as your selected channel of each order. On the same day after they are sent, we will update the tracking number in the afternoon and send to e-mail or message to customer’s mobile.
  • If you select to deliver as filling the products on the shop, you can order us 1 week in advance, each place to go we will plan the route for you to save your cost as much as possible.
  • If you have never sent through any channel, MyCloud could let you initiate easily without searching. Even if you have special required channel, we would help you to seek and initiate the new way for you.
  • All of these you can browse the info of each order from the past until now easily.
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We work with organizations of all shapes and sizes across all industries.

Our Software

Order Management System with connectivity (API)


We can help manage your orders and products. With online warehouse management systems Update product status in each purchase process. What is the status? Pick (Pack) / Pack / Ship, etc., which can check your warehouse in Real Time through your smartphone or tablet.



We can connect the API data with Last mile courier at both Thai post office Kerry Alpha

API (Application Programming Interface) is one connection method. That will connect to the Service Provider API's website from another source as an intermediary that allows the application to connect with other applications Or integrate with the operating system, such as API data of various customer channels, whether Lazada, Shopee, JD.com or your website. Connect with the MyCloud Systems system to exchange information across all sales channels. And update real-time online stock products, order management, etc. We can help you manage


Promotion Automation

we can help you manage promotions instantly Without having to worry about missing out on the great deals to boost sales, such as wearing free gifts when Shop the specified amount Or recommend new products Premium exchange We can help


Report & Recommendation

Provide information such as name, address, telephone number, email, purchased product, product value, date and time of purchase. So you can export it as an Excel file and analyze and plan sales, marketing and production. Giving you access to information anytime, anywhere





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