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What is Fulfillment?

What is Fulfillment?
Is it Help Your Business?

What is Fulfillment ? How can fulfilment fulfill sellers needs and solve their problems?

What is Fulfillment ?

Fulfillment (N.) is the completion of something (or fulfilling to complete the goal).For supply chain, Fulfillment implies to fulfill or complete the potential of online selling business. Apart from the meaning of fulfillment, the question of “ How could it be helpful to my business ? ” may pop up in your mind. Let’s explore it together!

What is Fulfillment service?

Fulfillment is warehouse service including shipping process which serve online or e-Commerce businesses for storing, packing, and shipping. Especially for those who do not have an appropriate area for stocking the product or time for packing and shipping.

The services start after a deal. Providers will provide the order management system with API to connect us and our customer system together via API to synchronised the information of picking, packing the product and shipping to the customers.

How does it work?

Fulfillment service works similarly to an online warehouse system with 3 working steps:

Store - Pack - Ship.


Fulfillment providers will store the products and put in the order information into the system, then update the inventory which customers can check their stock all the time. Thus, fulfillment service is suitable for online and offline businesses because it has both storing service and warehouse management system to facilitate them to manage their stock.


For packing service, when customers insert orders to the system, the providers will check and pick the goods. After that, We will pack the order in your desired packages and send it to your end-customers.


Shipping service is the final process. By shipping to the end-customers various logistics depend on customer preference such as ThailandPost, EMS, Kerry, DHL, COD, and others. Moreover, the system will update the shipping status and tracking number in real-time.

What are the advantages of fulfillment?

It is an undeniable truth that 100 percent of business owners desire to grow their business via various methods such as increasing sales channels or sales quantity. As a consequence, owners need to stock more products to respond with bigger demand and sales at the end of the day. However, that is not all for business owners to consider, complicated in-house problems will occur followed by the huge sales amount. Nowadays, Fulfillment is getting more popular and becoming more significant for omni-channel business so as to make it easier to help you make a decision.We already provided supporting reasons to apply fulfillment service to your business, let’s explore the advantages together !

  • Save time

    If you don’t want to waste your valuable time, fulfillment will provide the solution. Without the pick-pack-ship processes that take time and detailed, sellers can focus only on main business activity processes which are the key driver for growing business.

  • Reduce the problem of people or employees

    When the business is getting bigger, receiving more orders, It is inevitable to hire more employees. However, it is not an easy task to manage in a field that they are not specialized in. Hiring outsource will be the better idea since they are specialized and more effective in doing their job.

  • Support more orders

    When using the Fulfillment service,It will enhance the business capacity to get more and more orders from customers because the limited storage capacity and the tasks of receiving the orders or delivering products will be eliminated. By the services offered by our company, we provide storage area , fulfillment services and online warehouse system.

  • Effective warehouse management system

    With technologies that connect the whole process in one system, the entrepreneur can check, follow and control each stage from storing, packing to shipping which is available on a computer or smartphone.

Does Fulfillment service is worth to invest?

Does Fulfillment service is more expensive than managing by ourselves? Is it worth the investment? It is the question that is always on business owner mind. Yes, it is more expensive. However, It is still a worth investment when considering about unprofessional field of work that will cost more than you can imagine, technology behind fulfilment and opportunity cost that you will need to sacrifice your time for this all processes. All in all, we pen down to say that outsourcing Fulfillment is a worth investment especially when you want to scale up your business.

Mycloudfulfillment could help the entrepreneur

For the businesses that sell in multi-channels and looking for fulfillment service. MyCloudFulfillment is willing to be your partner.

We have a special services and packages which are highly flexible for every desire of our customers.

We connect with API (Application Programming Interface) to marketplaces, websites, shippings and ERPs of our company to our partner to help you to connect without any limitations. Updating stock to match every marketplace in real-time, connecting with sellers and automatically update your shipping status, you will not miss any important orders and also increase sales opportunities.

We pick, We check and We pack as you desired . We are the one that can customize packing service up to 5 levels. Therefore, you can be confident that your customers will receive the products as the way you want it.

We are flexible with the amount of spaces and orders especially when sales are highly fluctuated due to seasonal promotion. It gives the difficult time for seller to control their stocks. Thus, we facilitate you to control your actual cost and manage the remaining stock properly.

Fulfillment is not an option but requirement when the sellers want to scale up their business. Fulfillment can help seller to manage their stock and provide pick-pack-ship process to seller .Thus, you can put the finicky processes down and have more time to effectively manage your main business activities.


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