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What is Fulfillment?

What is Fulfillment?
Is it Help Your Business?

What is Fulfillment? Is it what the seller is looking for helping them survive and increase more income in this era?!

What does it mean?

Fulfillment is the completion of something(or fulfilling to complete a goal), so in the business industry, it could imply that it means to fulfill or complete the potential of online selling working. Apart from the meaning of what actually is fulfillment? and is it really helpful for online selling business? Let’s get to know it together!

What is Fulfillment service?

Fulfillment is warehouse service including shipping process which serve online or e-Commerce businesses as for storing, packing, and shipping. Especially, for those who do not have an appropriate area for stocking the product nor have time for packing and shipping, this service is helpful.

The service starts after a deal. Providers will provide the order management system with API and connectivity there for correct information when picking and packing the product then shipping to the customers.

How does it work?

Fulfillment service is similar to an online warehouse that has 3 fulfillment processes: Store - Pack - Ship.


Fulfillment service provides an appropriate area for business owners to stock the products and a convenient service which business owners no need to operate their own stock.


For packing service, when customers key orders to the system, the provider will check and pick the goods. After that, pack the order in appropriate envelopes or boxes and send it to the end-customer.


Shipping service is the final process. By shipping to the end-customers in various logistics as customers want, such as ThailandPost, EMS, Kerry, DHL, COD, and others. Moreover, the system will update the shipping status and tracking number in real-time.

What is an advantage of fulfillment?

Online business or offline stores want to grow, increase sale channels and sales, it means sellers have to stock more products according to the sales. Moreover, there are more orders to pack and ship which is good for online selling business. However, there is a following problem which is the complicated in-house problems. Fulfillment or warehouse service including the shipping process is the perfect helper for the efficiency online business to be more effective. Nowadays, Fulfillment is getting more popular so as a helper for deciding whether it is good for using the service or not.

  • Save time

    If you want to save time, fulfillment will provide the answer. Without the pick-pack-ship processes that take time and very detailed, sellers can focus only on the selling process because it is the most important part to grow up.

  • Reduce the problem of people or employees

    When the seller gets more orders there are more work to be done, so the owner needs to hire the employees, but if more people, more problems, to hire an outsource service must be better.

  • Support more orders

    When using the Fulfillment service, there will be more areas to stock in order to receive more orders from customers. Moreover, there is no more to gradually receive the orders or deliver products because an online warehouse system will manage every step fully and successfully day by day.

  • Effective warehouse management system

    With technology that connects the whole process in one system, the entrepreneur can follow, control, and check each stage including storing packing and shipping which is available on a computer or smartphone.

Is Fulfillment service worth to invest?

Is Fulfillment service more expensive than managing by ourselves? Is it worth the investment? The questions that business owners always think about. Yes, it is true. Fulfillment may cause more expenses but if we think about hidden costs that are hidden in every process, It may be a worthwhile investment.

MyCloud Fulfillment could help the entrepreneur

For the business that sells in multi-channels and looking for fulfillment service. MyCloudFulfillment is willing to be your partner.

We have a special service and package which suits your business’ size and your actual sales.

We connect with API Application Programming Interface whether marketplaces, websites or shipping and even ERP of our company to help you trade without limits online. Update stock matches every marketplace in real-time, connect with seller center and automatically press ready to ship, you will not miss important orders and increase sales opportunities as well.

We pick, check and pack that depending on you. We are the sole that can customize for the best of you as 5 processes. Therefore, you can be confident that your customers will receive the products according to the way you want for sure.

We are flexible with the amount of space and orders. We understand that sales can go up and down so if you have less stock, you will have less spend as well. However, if your number of orders increases, we manage to make you control your actual cost and you are able to manage the remaining stock properly.

We cannot deny it at all when the sellers want to grow up to another level. The way you have Fulfillment service as your partner and be your online inventory manager whether store-pack-ship. It can help your business to be more effective. Besides, you can put the finicky processes down and have more systematic work by no need to operate the stock at all.

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