FULFILLMENT บริการคลังสินค้าออนไลน์ "เก็บ แพ็ค ส่ง"

Fulfillment services for cosmetic and skincare business

MyCloudFulfillment provides fulfillment warehouse for E-commerce.Especially, Fulfillment service to store pack ship cosmetic and skincare products.

We realize every problems and your special requirement of fulfillment services for cosmetic business whether inbound process, storing, packing , shipping your products and also including managing your online shop to bring the most effective way to impress your customers and make sustainable growth and income.




Looking for a control temperature room to store cosmetic products like lipstick or skincare to maintain the best quality of the products.

In-house problems of selling online cosmetics including counting and checking products from the factory, and also packing and delivering.
decoration ideas

Have many great decoration ideas, but do not have time for value adding and impressing your customers.
Disorderly products

Required Management before-after expiry date of the product in due to the expiry date is different for any cosmetic products.


MyCloudFulfillment An online wearhouse that beyond product storage, we offer the services that meet all the requirements of cosmetic brands with understanding and caring for all cosmetic business in every process of Fulfillment.


Receive, count, and check the quality of products from the factory
We inspect every box of products from the inbound process to help you count stock by 100%. We also check the products that may be damaged such as leakage of skincare or foundation products from the factory with no charge.
Check the expiration date of product (EXP)
We check and store according to the expiration date of the product, so you can be confident that the products will be sold according to FIFO (First-In First-Out) or FEFO (First-Expired-First-Out) methods for the best quality of product that suits your customer (retail - wholesale). We pay attention to the quality of every cosmetic used by consumers as well.
Sticker service on products, whether OCPB or label change
If your products are imported from foreign countries, and you want to put Thai labels on them. We can do it because we are flexible and ready to service all your needs.
Store in closed warehouse storage; no dust and proper temperature
The proper warehouse is ready to store your products. There are 24-hour security guards with surveillance cameras on every shelf. Besides, we have insurance in case the stored products are lost or damaged.


Storing a product by SKUs (Stock Keeping Unit)
Specified the products by the color and model, which reduces the mistake of picking the wrong product. Confirmed that systematic storage makes your customers receive accurate and complete products without any mistake.
Storage at the proper temperature(24 c) in temperature controlled room 24-hours
Cosmetic products must be stored in a dry and cool place with the least humidity because it will reduce the quality and age of the products, so your products will be stored at the safe condition with proper temperature and the cost is 400 baht/cubic meter
Real-time monitoring of the stock that helps you check the amount of accurate stock.
it allows you to calculate the number of products in a warehouse. Moreover, you will be able to get the trends of the most ordered products, or the least ordered products to further promote sales.


Providing special packing for individual requirements
We can customize packing that have different requirements in each order such as creating a set bandle, tying ribbon, adding stickers, or attaching cards and brochures depending on our customers’ needs.
Special checking product’s quality before packing (QC)
We unpack and check the product precisely if there are any dents or cracks on the bottle. We also check if the product are sealed completely and the service charge start at 5 baht
Assure that we have strict inspections in every step especially the pack.
Your customers will never receive a damaged or incomplete product. We check the number and quality of the product thoroughly to match the order before packing by recording the working process through CCTV cameras in every table to pack the product.


Providing variety of shipping services
To suit your products and the most saving cost with our flexible services including COD application. You will be charged the actual cost, no extra charge.
Product refill service in the mall or various consignment stores
Help you count the stock in the store including printing a tax invoice, allowing the store staff to sign and bringing the documents back to you every week. Aside from that, the product refill service is also available on request with a photograph of the filled shelf to be sent in a daily.
Deliver the product to distribution center
We manage the delivery process to the distribution center on time, according to the conditions of the store and DC, weigh and add the bill on the box , print the tax invoice for stamping and after the process finished, we will inform and always return the copy to you. As mentioned, we provide delivery cars to your drop points completely.
International shipping services
Looking for the best and save cost choice for international shipping through our trusted transportation network, you can contact our staff to look after you in each case, with a 10% service charge.

Value Adding

Set buddle

  • Saving picking cost by setting up the product, creating a new SKU
  • Bundle and sets premium promotion like shrink wrapping, or creating skincare & serum set
  • Customize product set for special occasion or customer's need

Promotion automation

For cosmetic & skincare

  • Promotion set that expand bucket size to increase product volume and higher value per piece
  • Promotion with Marketplace, such as a flash sale, 8.8, 9.9,and 11.11 campaign
  • Professional team for your new idea of promotions who are ready

Facilitate you to fill products in front-store or branches


  • One stock for omni-channel, saving storage charge, providing real-time stock data
  • We facilitate you to set up a booth as you need with flexible places and time


for cosmetic and skincare businesses



Warehouse is very important so we sought an expert in this field and selected MyCloud as professional outsourcing. They had their own system and their staff had trained very well, this simplified work' process to maximize efficiency

Panthaka Kantithammakorn
Sale & Marketing, SKIN SYRUP

Mycloud immediately starts picking packing ans shipping process as soon as we got the order and they update stock real time. Making fulfillment problem more convenient and everything easy in one step because we can not deal with 200 boxes a day, so highly recommend to online sellers.

Vampyeofficial owner

MyCloudFulfillment can helps businesses grow and no need to worry about the product packaging, delivery,or stock management. Moreover, there is fast delivery, excellent system for fulfillment and they pay attention to every step of their service, so recommended.

Teeranai Saeteh
Owner of Kimhan Shops


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