start using MyCloudFulfillment in 3 simple steps

3 Simple Steps


Start with our service by keeping your products in our closed warehouse within office without any dust and clear atmosphere. We provide 24 hours security officer with CCTV on all shelves. You can rely that your products will be kept. We also provide the insurance in case of loss or damage. We keep on the shelves with SKUs (Stock Keeping Unit) which identifies by model, color or size in detail along with the control of all arrival and issue of products by WMS (Warehouse Management System) that would facilitate you to plan product quantity and not occur buffer stock or lead time management. Our system is designed to let you use on mobile phone and website to check your stock whenever and wherever you need.

Standard Storage

Keeping the products on shelves with 50 cm. width, 100 cm. length and 200 cm. height (1 cubicmetre) per cubicmetre that can support 300 kg.

Coldroom Storage

Keeping the products in coldroom which control its temperature at 24C all along 24 hours in everyday. The suitable products for this such as cosmetic, supplementary food, electronic device and etc.


When you keep your products at our warehouse, you can order them easily via online system, just key your order before 8 AM. the order will be delivered within such day. You can trust that prior to launch your products we have the process to verify in detail and your customer never receive the damaged or incomplete item from us. We always check the quantity and quality carefully as per your requirement before packing and verify the address of receiver to protect any mistake. Furthermore, you also can check preparing and delivery status of each order through the system anywhere and anytime.

Standard Packing

We provide packing service by standard packaging of postal which suitable to your product size. We also provide basic bumper and also insert some leaflet as your need. Eco-box is available. The charge start at 15 baht.

Special Packing

Products can be packed in special packaging as your need or pack as your ways even it is complicated such as cutting the thread, adding special bumper, cleaning before delivery just start at 15 Baht.

Value Adding

My cloud can make a value added to your product to have better look or adding some assemble before delivery such as, ironing, adding some text on the box, adding the ribbon or label at product, assembling the product before delivery and arrange the set of product and etc. The charge start at 15 Baht.


You can select the channel to deliver in various ways. Once order completed, we will deliver as your selected channel of each order. On the same day after they are sent, we will update the tracking number in the afternoon and send to e-mail or message to customer’s mobile. If you select to deliver as filling the products on the shop, you can order us 1 week in advance, each place to go we will plan the route for you to save your cost as much as possible. If you have never sent through any channel, MyCloud could let you initiate easily without searching. Even if you have special required channel, we would help you to seek and initiate the new way for you. All of these you can browse the info of each order from the past until now easily.

EMS / Registered Mails

We pack and examine the product before delivering to the post office. After finished, we will send tracking number to your customers as immediately in the same day. Tracking number would be sent via e-mail or mobile phone as the real charge.

Kerry / DHL and other Couriers

We pack and examine the product before delivering to the shop of courier which you preferred. After finished, we will send tracking number to your customers as immediately in the same day. Tracking number would be sent via e-mail or mobile phone as the real charge.

Messenger / Truck Services

You can call the motorcycle or truck to deliver as your requirement just inform us 1 day in advance, we would deliver as your order and also many points in the same time. The charge will be calculated as per delivery area.

Consignment Stores

We will facilitate you to fill up the products in store such as เช่น B2S, Btrend, Zeenzone, Loft and etc. together with checking stock and report to you. We also print out the tax invoice and make the shop staff to sign and count the product and take the document back to you weekly. All of these are planned the delivery route and dropping point for you completely. Moreover, we also provide the product arrangement as your need and also snap a photo to you every day. The charge will be calculated as per delivery area.

Distribute through Department Store

We would help you to plan to launch the car to fill the products at each branch as specific receiving time of each store, just order on our system then we will manage all for you. The charge will be calculated as per delivery area.

Deliver to Distribution Center

We will help you to make an appointment with DC, inform store number and receive deliver code, manage GIC, weigh and paste the label, print out tax invoice and return the copy to you weekly. All of these are routed the delivery and provided dropping point for you all. The charge start at 100 Baht/box.

Online Marketplace Shipping

If you any distribution channel (Lazada/Zalora/Shoppee/Amazon/Ebay/etc.) We can manage follow the process of those channels such as we can handle with Lazada seller center alonf with printing and placing order sheet on the box and submit DO (Delivery Order) to the delivery agent of such channel with only 10% of management charge

Open the Booth

When you prefer to open product booth, just tell us a 1 week in advance we will manage all for you only keeping your booth equipment with us, we will help you to set up the booth for you as well as do product arrangement as your requirement and also taking back when finished. You only sell and subtract from stock sheet.

Pick up at the Warehouse

If you or customers attempt to pick up the products at warehouse, it is possible. We will help you to check the order and receiver and issue the products along with receiving payment on behalf of you.

Overseas Export

We will help you to find the best choice and cheapest for delivery to your required country through the reliable transportation network. You can contact our staff to take care you. Just 10% of management charge.