start using MyCloudFulfillment in 3 simple steps

3 Simple Steps


Start with our service by keeping your products in our closed warehouse within office without any dust and clear atmosphere. We provide 24 hours security officer with CCTV on all shelves. You can rely that your products will be kept. We also provide the insurance in case of loss or damage. We keep on the shelves with SKUs (Stock Keeping Unit) which identifies by model, color or size in detail along with the control of all arrival and issue of products by WMS (Warehouse Management System) that would facilitate you to plan product quantity and not occur buffer stock or lead time management. Our system is designed to let you use on mobile phone and website to check your stock whenever and wherever you need.

Standard Storage

Keeping the products on shelves with 50 cm. width, 100 cm. length and 200 cm. height (1 cubicmetre) per cubicmetre that can support 300 kg.

Coldroom Storage

Keeping the products in coldroom which control its temperature at 24C all along 24 hours in everyday. The suitable products for this such as cosmetic, supplementary food, electronic device and etc.